Chemical Cartridges Air Filters

Our Chemical Cartridges Air Filters are designed to efficiently remove odors and contaminated gases. The sorbents adsorb contaminated gases and then chemically reacts thus oxidizing those contaminants. The activated carbon is of a higher carbon activity and mass than other carbon pads.


We provide the most advanced high-efficiency air filter for general ventilation system for industry use and central air condition system. They are effective in controlling common contaminants that may be found in commercial and industrial buildings such as airports, office buildings and food processing facilities. 


Reliable performance. High quality sorbents. Easy to install and maintenance. Low operation cost.

Sorbents type:

PIA  N4G1 and N4G2  PCM  N4A1  N4B1  N4L1  N4R1

Chemical Cartridges Air Filters

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