Mini-pleat Separatorless HEPA Air Filters 24"x24"x3-1/2" MERV20 (2/pack)

Product Code: MPSH-2424B-U15
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The Mini-pleat Separatorless HEPA Air Filters are meet the needs of critical applications where HEPA/ULPA filtration is required. The Mini-pleat Separatorless HEPA Air Filters are space saving and lightweight.

These high efficiency filters are constructed of a moisture resistant media pack that is polyurethane sealed into an anodized extruded aluminum frame. They are the most efficient air filters being used for  pressurized plenum ceiling grids, downflow hoods, portable cleanrooms, clean benches, fan powered modules and horizontal flow wall modules.


2 filters per case.

Model No. MPSH-2424B-U15
Frame Extruded anodized aluminum profile
Media Waterproofed fiberglass paper
Recommended final pressure drop ≤2.4 IN.W.G.
Efficiency(US) MERV 20
Efficiency(EU) U15(≥99.9995% MPPS)
Separators Holt Melt glue
Temperature ≤70℃
Faceguard Expanded Sheet metal, on inlet and outlet side
Gasket Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer(EPDM)
Size 24"x24"x3-1/2"
Actual Size 24"x24"x3-2/5"
Shipping ship within 20~25 days

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