V4-Bank Mini Pleat Air Filters 20x24x12 F7 85% Synthetic Media with Gasket

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The V4-Bank Mini Pleat Air Filters are designed for use in most commercial and industrial HVAC systems where medium to high efficiency filtration is required. 

All plastic frame and 100% synthetic filter media are impervious to moisture and dust while making the filter lightweight.

The V4-Bank Mini Pleat Air Filters are classified as per UL Standard 900 Class 2 and tested by ASHRAE Test 52.1 and 52.2. The media is durable and moisture resistant up to 100% relative humidity. The filters design results in low resistance and reduced energy costs. 


Model No. V4MP-S-202412-F7
Frame Plastic
Media Synthetic fiber
Recommended final pressure drop <1.5In.w.g.
Efficiency(US) ASHRAE MERV 13
Efficiency(EU) EN779-F7
Separators Hot-melt glue
Temperature ≤80℃
Rated Velocity CFM 1650
Initial Resist IN.W.G 0.30
Media Area(sq ft) 165.8
Size 20"x24"x12"
Actual Size 19-3/10"x23-3/8"x11-1/2"
UL Standard UL Standard 900 Class 2
Shipping ship within 20~25 days

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