Traditional HEPA Air Filters Galvanized Steel 36x12x12

Product Code: THAF-G-361212
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The Traditional HEPA Air Filters are manufactured from fiberglass media and designed to meet the high level of filtration needed in applications such as hospital, pharmaceutical, electronics, food processing, laboratories, etc.

The Traditional HEPA Air Filters are designed to meet UL 900 class 1 requirements and built for high humidity applications. Low pressure drop, higher rated air flows and pass ASHRAE Standard Test.

Model No. THAF-G-361212
Frame Galvanized Steel
Media Fiberglass
Recommended final pressure drop ≤2.4 IN.W.G.
Efficiency(US) DOP 99.99% - MERV 18
Efficiency(EU) H13(≥99.95% MPPS)
Separators Aluminum, Card paper
Temperature ≤90℃
Rated Velocity CFM 1500
Initial Resist IN.W.G 0.93
Media Area(sq ft) 274.5
Size 36'x12"x12"
Actual Size 36"x24"x11-1/2"
UL Standard UL 900 class 1
Shipping ship within 20~25 days

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