High Velocity Closed-pleated HEPA Air filters 24x24x12 H13

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High Velocity Closed-pleated HEPA Air filters are specifically designed for high airflow applications requiring HEPA efficiency at an ultra low-pressure drop    (1” W.G. Resistance @ 2000 cfm).

The frame is constructed of galvanized steel. They are using several “Mini-pleat” panels that are arranged forming a “V” inside the frame. Their applications include hospital, laboratory, nuclear power stations and in cleanroom AHUs.


Higher rated airflows - 1" W.G. Resistance @2000 cfm

Low pressure drop

Lower operation cost

Model No. HVPH-G242412-H13
Frame Galvanized Steel
Media Fiberglass
Recommended final pressure drop ≤2.4 IN.W.G.
Efficiency(US) DOP 99.99% - MERV 18
Efficiency(EU) H13(≥99.95% MPPS)
Separators Hot-melt glue
Temperature ≤80℃
Rated Velocity CFM 2000
Initial Resist IN.W.G 1.0
Media Area(sq ft) 430.6
Size 24"x24"x12"
Actual Size 24"x24"11-1/2"
Shipping ship within 20~25 days

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